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Kingmold Precision Mould Co., Ltd. is a one-stop supplier of injection molds, mainly engaged in the research and development, design and manufacture of automotive interior and exterior, household appliances, medical equipment, industrial and civil plastic products.

Production scope includes: bumper, front grille, fender, skirt, tailgate, instrument panel, door panel, central control, seat, glove box, air outlet and air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, TV, large water pipe joint And other product molds.

Rapid Heat Cycle Molding technology and nitrogen-assisted molding technology are at the leading level in the industry.

The company's molds are exported to many countries around the world, and its after-sales service stations are set in the United States, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Mexico, Canada, India, and Thailand.

The company implements a professional mold management ERP system and operates in accordance with the ISO9001:201 5 quality management system.

"To make customers, employees, suppliers satisfied, and achieve a win-win situation" is our corporate mission and purpose.